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Established in 2012…Smile Perfected is one of the nation’s fastest growing 20 minute teeth whitening companies and represents the highest level of commitment to dental office sales and treatment support.

Smile Perfected consults with the smartest, most innovative and most credentialed professionals in the industry. This collaboration has allowed Smile Perfected to create a line of the most effective, safe, and comfortable professional whitening systems available – and the media is taking notice.

Looking forward to partnering with your Dental Practice!


Established in 2009…Impact Dental Lab has worked with strategic partners like Bite Tech, Inc. Patterson Dental & Under Armour.  In 2018 Impact Dental Lab joined forces with Smile Perfected.

Smile Perfected Lab specializes in thermoformed inter-oral custom appliances provide by a dental practice. We offer the latest in custom athletic mouth guards, performance mouthpieces, occlusal grind guards and specialty appliances for the treatment of Tourette Syndrome.

Looking forward to partnering with your Dental Practice!


Founder & CEO William L. Balanoff, DDS, MS, FICD

Dr. Balanoff is passionate about dentistry.  After graduating from Northwestern University in 1983 he practiced dentistry for over 30 years in South Florida. A pioneer in oral cancer screening, implant techniques, orthotic appliances and many other innovative dental technologies.  Dr. Balanoff applied his vast experience in dentistry when founding Smile Perfected.  This quickly allowed Smile Perfected to become one of the fastest growing whitening systems in the country. Smile Perfected is dedicated to serving dental practices and helping them provide the best teeth whitening experience for their patients.


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Smile Perfected In The News

Teeth Whitening is the #1 requested dental service and the Smile Perfected 20 Minute System is just as popular. Featured on some of the most prestigious news outlets and media outlets across the country.

HIGHEST QUALITY Whitening gel & packaging

Proprietary Whitening Gels

Smile Perfected™ tests and engineers the highest quality whitening gel. Perfect combination of Effectiveness & Safety. These gels are provided in our trays & pens.

Perfectly Balanced Ingredients

The Perfect balance of Hydrogen-Peroxide, Carbamide-Peroxide, Potassium-Nitrate, Menthol and Mint flavor. This is the combination of element a majority of patients are looking for.

Premium Kit Packaging

All Smile Perfected™ pre-loaded kits are sealed in with Argon gas. This inert gas ensures the freshness & longevity of our gels from production to patients.