How The System Works

20 Minute Whitening • No Sensitivity

THE Hassle-Free Complete Hybrid Whitening System


Clean & Polish Teeth

The Prophy-Plus whitening system begins with a professional cleaning by your favorite dentist. The complete cleaning provides the best possible conditions for the whitening process to be at its most effective. The pellicle layer is completely removed. Stain removal, enamel brightening and powerful whitening occurs without sensitivity.

Easy to Use Pre-loaded Tray

Smile Perfected™ is a simple to use, effective technology, including a patented pre-filled whitening tray that fits comfortably and allows the person to relax the jaw while their teeth whiten. Vitamin E oil swabs apply easily and help protect the lips & gums. Each kit includes a Smile Perfected Aloe Vera Lip Balm to keep help keep lips health afterword!

20 Minutes under Light

The tray applies a gentle layer of soft, pleasant tasting gel. Specially formulated for maximum results without the sensitivity. The special formula includes an active ingredient. The gel is activated using the Smile Perfected™ LED light, to make 20 minutes all that is needed to achieve professional whitening results with no sensitivity or pain

WE PROVIDE THE BEST Dental Office Option

Dr. Balanoff developed the Smile Perfected™ system to provide dental offices with everything they have always wanted in a Teeth Whitening System.

Faster - Only 20 Minutes

Gone are Whitening Re-appointments, Blocking-out gum tissue and hour long whitenings taking up an operatory. In 20 minutes patients get a whiter and brighter smile!


No more hurting patient’s with a harmful caustic dehydrating gels and heat. This is the healthier more natural way to brighten teeth without prescribing pain medication.


All teeth fade back but with Smile Perfected’s included take-home pen and tray, patients can maintain their beautiful smile until their next cleaning. The Perfected Hybrid System


Send patient’s Home with a Spa like feeling with our Lavender Towelette and Help protect their lips with our exclusive Spearmint Lip Balm. All included with our Amazing Kits!

Step by Step In-Office Treatment Process

Quick Polish

Clean the teeth or use Prophy-Paste to polish the teeth to remove debris and the pellicle layer. Insert saliva ejector if needed.

20 Minutes of Heat

Position Smile Perfected™ LED light directly in front of tray (about 1″) for 20 Minutes. The LED light will warm to activate the gel and quicken the process.

Apply to Lips

Use easy application Vitamin E swab. Apply to the lips in order to keep them moist. Add to gums for sensitive patients.

Completely Rinse

Rinse the gel out of the mouth with the air/water syringe and cup of mouthwash or water as needed.

Gently Insert Tray

Unpack tray. Check for even distribution of gel. Have patient open slightly and smile.  Allow incisors to open bite by sliding up lingual ramp of tray. Press tray gently onto teeth from the front.

Lavender Finish

Give your patients the Smile Perfected™ Lavender Towelette for a spa like finish. Our scented Towelettes help relax and sooth patients after their appointment.

Beautiful White Smiles That Last

Why do Smile Perfected™ bright smiles last?

We realized that a brighter and whiter smile is all about maintenance. With the combination of a professional dental office procedure and a take-home care plan, lasting results are achievable.

Blasting the teeth using an extremely powerful whitening gel formulation is not a pleasant experience for the patient or a dentally sound treatment method.

A complete breakdown and understanding of hybrid teeth whitening systems can make well managed dental practices even more successful.

Take-Home Pen Provided

A number of foods, drinks and other factors can affect the whiteness of your teeth. Tobacco products, wine, age, medications and other factors can reduce the youthful appearance of your teeth.

The Smile Perfected™ take-home whitening touch up pen will help you keep your white smile brighter for longer, can be used anywhere and takes just moments to apply.

The number of treatments necessary to achieve and maintain your desired shade will vary based on your color preference and lifestyle.

The Smile Perfected™ whitening system may be repeated on a scheduled basis to achieve your desired results, though most people will notice a remarkable difference following the first use.

The Prophy Plus whitening process works in happy partnership with your dentist, and he/she can help schedule additional treatments necessary to achieve the smile you dream of in a way that adjusts to your needs and lifestyle.

Noticeably Whiter & Brighter | Simple, Easy, Effective

Amazing Before & After results for Bright Smiles…

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