Impact Teeth Grinding & Night Guards

Protection & Comfort Impact Bruxism Guards

Since 2009, we have been fabricating the highest quality Night Guards and Teeth Grinding protection appliances. Our goal is to provide a superior appliance that can absorb the damage caused by Bruxism.

For over a decade our dental lab has been providing dental practices all over North America with the highest quality Upper and Lower Teeth Grinding Appliances

Our Founder Dr. William Balanoff, a Prosthodontist, has developed and trained our lab technicians to be experts in the field of intra-oral appliances.

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Illustration of Bruxism Severity Levels

Moderate to Severe Bruxism

Normal Dentition

Mild to Moderate Grinder

Severe to Extreme Bruxism

Reasons to Prescribe Grind Guard

Tooth Enamel is Preserved and Appliance Sacrificed

Comfortable: Low profile design great for higher patient compliance

Damage to dentition and TMJ mitigated

Custom Made:
Perfect Fit compared to self fitting appliances

Prevalence of Teeth Grinding

Potential Bruxism Suffers

Awake Bruxism Prevalence

Sleep Bruxism Prevalence

Develop Clinical Condition

What is Bruxism?

Bruxism is teeth grinding. The cause of bruxism and clenching is typically multi-factorial. For Dentists, it is often difficult to determine the cause. Stress is commonly thought to be the primary factor.

What are the Risks?

The risk for patients can be complete tooth loss if not treated. Enamel surfaces are worn down exposing the dentin.  Once the softer dentin is exposed the probability of tooth decay and infection increases rapidly.

Results if not Treated:

Learn More about Bruxism & Classifications

Impact Easy, Medium & Heavy Night Guards

Three Types Of Dental Appliances

Perfect fit, Amazingly Comfortable and Highly Protective

  • Used for Mild to Moderate Bruxism - 2 MM Thickness
  • Custom Made: Fits Patient Teeth Perfectly
  • Diagnosis: Minor damage from grinding present
  • Patient Comfort Level: Very Comfortable | Lower Strength
  • Sacrificial Strength: Low. Durability is lower because of lightness
  • FREE Standard Shipping
  • Used for Moderate to Severe Bruxism - 3 MM Thickness
  • Custom Made: Fits Patient Teeth Perfectly.
  • Diagnosis: Moderate Teeth damage from grinding present
  • Patient Comfort Level: Average Comfort | Average Strength
  • Sacrificial Strength: Medium. Standard appliance and most popular thickness
  • Free Standard Shipping
  • Used for Severe to Extreme Bruxism - 4 MM Thickness
  • Custom Made: Fits Patient Teeth Perfectly.
  • Diagnosis: Major Teeth damage from grinding present
  • Patient Comfort Level - Lower Comfort | Higher Protection
  • Sacrificial Strength: High. Thickness increases life of appliance
  • Free Standard Shipping

The most comfortable design ever created for a Daytime Appliance

Need a Daytime Teeth Grinding Appliance?

Lower Teeth Daytime Grind Guard

Hidden Protection

Low profile design of the labial strap makes the Impact Day Guard unnoticeable & easy to speak with while wearing.

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Dr. Balanoff

Talks about the Severity of Bruxism

When recommending a night guard, patient comfort is more important than thickness. Comfort leads to higher patient compliance even if the appliance wears down faster.