Smile Perfected’s mission is to help dentists, dental professionals and patients experience dentistry in the best possible way.

Continuously striving for success in our mission has lead us to create the Smile Perfected Dental Academy.

Even the best athletes and business people in the world have a great coach…including me!

Dr Balanoff

The purpose of Smile Perfected Academy (SPA) is to elevate dental professionals so they can reach their goals.

To accomplish this we tap into over 37 years of dental experience and a network of thousands of dental professionals.

Whether you are just getting started in the dental world or a seasoned veteran…Smile Perfected Academy has something you can benefit from.

Smile Perfected now offers access to our coach, Dr. William L Balanoff.

Make sure you continue your education with meaningful and result oriented lessons.

In our first FREE course you can pick your head up out of the clinical world and look around at your practice. TAKE IT ALL IN.

Time is an extremely valuable thing…probably the most valuable. Running a Dental office can overwhelm anyone.

Dentists and practice owners need to find time to work on the business, not just in the business. A trendy thing to say but what does this really mean??

It means you need TIME. The only way to find time is to create it.

There’s always an excuse that you can your missing resources like time. The truth is we are just not be resourceful.

Smile Perfected Academy is designed the maximize your resourcefulness.

Implementing these tactics will free-up your time. Imagine having time everyday to focus on the future.

To make your practice everything you hoped it could be. To prepare yourself for the next phase of your life or professional career.

Isn’t that why you got into dentistry in the first place…to improve you and your family’s life.

What does Smile Perfected Academy offer?

Realistic and actionable solutions to dentist practice management.

Start for FREE with our Patient Wow! Dental practice course.

Dr. Balanoff will be your guide and dentist coach. He’s on the forefront of dentistry today, so take advantage of his amazing course.

Your office will be decidedly and distinctly different when you implementing these proven techniques.

Patient WOW! Coaching Module Includes:

The Patient Experience

The Patient Clinical Journey

The Patient Hygiene Experience

Elevate You Practice

Each section provides the valuable tools needed to elevate your dental office and your team to the next level.

AND it’s so easy to use! The course is designed for live action implementation.

Short dental lessons are easily shared with your dental assistants, hygienists, office administrators and practice managers.

The simplicity is what practice owners love.

This is NOT an over-complicated, worksheet driven, CE test, fill-out forms course.

IT IS a proven way to improve your dental practice in just 26 weeks.

Join us today and start making your dental office everything is can be.

Author: William L Balanoff DDS, MS, FICD

Dr. William L. Balanoff graduated from Northwestern University and received a postdoctoral masters in cranio-facial research from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Balanoff practiced clinical dentistry for 30 years. He was on staff at two hospitals in South Florida. Dr. Balanoff has taught at numerous academic institutions worldwide. Dr. Balanoff is published and sits on two different peer reviewed journal editorial boards both in dentistry and medicine. Dr. Balanoff has testified before the US Congress and helped craft public policy initiatives in the US as well as Russia, the Ukraine, Belorussia, Japan, Spain and England. Dr. Balanoff holds a number of patents for unique medical devices. Currently Dr. Balanoff is a science consultant for Abova Health, Executive Clinical Director of Orthodontic Care of Georgia and the CEO of Oral Care Perfected. Dr. Balanoff has appeared on the CBS show “The Doctors” for his groundbreaking research with respect to an oral appliance mitigating the motor and vocal tics associated with Tourette Syndrome.