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Your Practice Will Love it Because...

  • Effortlessly Increase Patient Revenue
  • Doesn't Tie Up Chair Time
  • No Prep Time Required
  • Plugs-in Easily to Current Office Routine
  • Brings in Swarms of New Patients

Your Patient's Will Love It Because...

  • Effortlessly Increase Patient Revenue
  • Doesn't Tie Up Chair Time
  • No Prep Time Required
  • Plugs-in Easily to Current Office Routine
  • Brings in Swarms of New Patients

The Excitement is Thick in the air with Smile Perfected

Find Out Why There Is So Much Buzz About Our Product

According to a recent CNN study* teeth whitening is the #1 required dental service.

So why are most average dental offices doing less and less of them?

Please read my letter below---
then try Smile Perfected for yourself...

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Monday morning, 9:17 AM

Dear Friend,

My name is William Balanoff D.D.S. MS, CEO of Smile Perfected. As a dental surgeon with multiple successful practices and over 3 decades of experience (even being asked to speak before the U.S. Congress), I know what an outrageous promise, and what an amazing opportunity this is for your practice…

The opportunity I’m about to share with you may sound at first like the countless other products and services being thrown at you in the dental industry… but in fact it’s a cutting edge system designed specifically for you—and an opportunity to explode office revenues—while you skyrocket patient satisfaction—you really can…

…make your office the envy of your peers, almost overnight.

In fact, I guarantee the Smile Perfected System I’m sharing with you is drop dead simple to use, will powerfully improve your bottom line profits, and all while increasing patient satisfaction… in ways that will absolutely astound you.

Before we go any further though, let’s have a heart to heart talk. Please don’t let the opportunity this system presents pass you by. I’m sharing some very powerful information about how you can increase your chair time profits, and get your patient’s falling over themselves to receive treatment.

So please do commit to implementing this system, and especially to using it with your patients to see just how perfectly it has been designed to plug in to your day-to-day routine for your amazing benefit.

But first I want to warn you: this is something of a long letter—only because there is so much to tell you about what this remarkable product will do for you.

I’ll make this promise, however. You’ll find what I have to say here nothing short of fascinating, and even more important, learning about it can represent a major turning point for your practice, and will be worth the few minutes it will take.

Okay, let’s get started…

Imagine, if you will, an epic party of a life time—filled with everybody who’s anybody, moving, laughing, sizzling with excitement, lost in the moment and 100% confident this is exactly where they need to be…

…This party IS happening, right now in fact, in the dental industry—and revolves around Teeth Whitening… Is your office providing the single most requested patient treatment… In a way that gives patients the dazed smile that’s painted on a person’s face after a truly ecstatic experience?


Are you the person outside of the party, literally hearing all the energy and excitement happening on the other side of the door your peers are having… while you remain outside, confused, left uninvited.

…The Smile Perfected System began when it became clear there was such an incredible opportunity, a raging party for teeth whitening–-but the Dentists, hygienists & dental professionals such as myself weren’t invited—in fact, we were getting fleeced.

…The whitening systems making the rounds didn’t understand, or care about how a dental office REALLY runs… They didn’t GET IT. Too much prep time, unhappy patients in pain, crazy light schemes for the sole purpose of squeezing money from us, extended chair times..

Additionally we made sure that our system takes just 20 minutes to whiten effectively so there is no extensive chair time ensuring you don’t tie up your highly valuable Doctor time, and formulated it to be powerfully effective yet without burning patients like other whitening’s so your patients eagerly return for more

I’ll tell you how this works in a moment, but first, though…

Let me explain exactly how (and why) Smile Perfected creates such outrageous revenue increases for offices just like yours:

Did you know that teeth whitening is the most requested patient treatment? Why then are most offices literally letting THOUSANDS of dollars walking out the door each and every month… not to mention patients leaving less than completely satisfied?

You are missing out on making thousands of dollars like clockwork, without any additional Doctor time needed. It’s absolutely true…

Sure.. But you’ve tried and been burned by whitening systems before right? Greedy lights, high costs, patients squirming in pain from burning chemicals.

The systems of the past ignore your needs and ignored the patient experience…

Give Your Patients What They Desperately Want... Starting Today!

The secret?

It’s all in our simple, proven, step-by-step program that you can start right away – called The Prophy Plus Experience™.

The magic is in our Prophy Plus Experience we developed — which consists of our powerful product coupled with an integration secret that virtually guarantees your success.

I’ll be completely honest with you.

The Prophy Plus Experience™ is simply amazing, it’s the key to getting your patients to beg for the whitening treatment and is vital to your success with Smile Perfected… It’s EXACTLY what I wish I had when I was running my own busy practice.

It makes going from receiving your system delivered safely to your location to seeing the delight on the face of your first completed treatment recipient painless, and screaming fast.

…no one else in the whitening field is doing it!

…Including world-class office and marketing support — we virtually hold your hand in partnership to ensure you achieve the success we promise and other practices have, if you follow our system.

The program provides the EXACT help your practice needs to jump right into success…

And the best part about this amazing system is…

…you don’t have to spend a single dime to prove it is the EXACT product your office has been looking for (more on that later)…

…you won’t need to blindly figure out the best way to sell the treatment to patients through trial and error…

…and you won’t need to worry that your staff can’t handle or won’t be capable of getting started successfully, right now, right away…

Instead, you’ll experience a COMPLETE, PLUG-IN SYSTEM to provide your patients what they are demanding… simple to integrate… with a faster turn-around to profits… or else you won’t pay a SINGLE DIME.

Unlike alternative whitening programs—which suck up valuable chair time, leave patients less than satisfied and can leave staff confused, or less than enthusiastic—this was created to be effortless!

Are you beginning to see how exciting this is??

Based on the results I’ve seen in dental offices just like yours using our system, I’m willing to bet you are in for an amazing discovery as you unlock the earnings potential of your practice.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It…
Listen To What Others Have To Say…

As One of the Few Whitening Systems for a Dental Practice ACTUALLY Created By An Actual Dentist…

Is It Any Wonder Smile Perfected Is Trusted by So Many Dental Professionals?

The truth is: my desk is overflowing with letters of appreciation – just like these – from Doctors, hygieneists and dental assistants who have used the Smile Perfected System and experienced the remarkable benefits.

Let me share one additional exciting story that so powerfully illustrates the potential Smile Perfected represents for you in real world results.

One of my favorite stories to share, and a great example illustrating how quickly you can get started. A few months back, a large group dental practice agreed to give us a beta test in three offices—seeking to try out the Smile Perfected System for themselves.

…excited at the amazing opportunity the group practice represented, I brought the product personally to the local office, and happily introduced the office team to the Smile Perfected system. To my surprise…

…the COO for the entire national company just happened to be there—yikes, talk about pressure. That very afternoon, following our system for the very first time, the office did 2 whitening treatments—which I was very excited to hear—as you can imagine.

The following morning I get a call from office which set my heart pounding in my chest—nervously thinking maybe something went wrong. In fact…

…They quickly realized in less than 24 hours 1 whitening system in their office with 2 hygienists wasn’t going to work, they were able to sell so many Smile Perfected procedures in the office they had to purchase a 2nd system within 24 hours of purchasing the 1st! I KNOW our system is POWERFUL, but 24 hours is FAST!

They performed almost 100 whitenings the first month! Amazing! Now this single office averages between 80-100 whitening treatments each month, like clockwork. Can you see why they love our product so much?

From a revenue standpoint, in general terms, if they are netting about $120 per whitening with Smile Perfected, they are bringing in almost $12,000 in added revenue each and every month, $144,000 a year to the office—just by giving patients what they want.

Make no mistake, you too can hit the ground running and never look back with similar results.

I wish I could share every single one of our stories with you… but I just don’t have the space! You’ll just have to get the system so you can see for yourself what it can do for your office.

So How Does It Work?

The fascinating truth: all whitening material works exactly the same—with just a few things that can be changed, namely the amount of carbomide peroxide or the hydrogen peroxide or ratio of the two together.

Let’s revisit some interesting bits we learned in dental school to help explain what makes Smile Perfected ideal for your patients…

We created Smile Perfected to be the perfect compliment to your prophy visits.

Why is whitening the natural addition following a hygiene visit?

Consider for a moment, you use pumice to polish the teeth, with or without flavor or fluoride, the process cleans the teeth and removes the pellicle layer creating the ideal moment for introducing whitening. You will have taken a shade and cleaned the teeth—its the perfect environment to achieve the best results with Smile Perfected.

The fascinating chemistry behind it all… Carbomide peroxide is a very stable molecule, and for whitening to occur we need to break down to hydrogen peroxide which degrades to hydroxyl molecules. High concentrations of carbomide peroxide will whiten faster, but the problem is you hurt the person, too low and it takes too long.

Just like Goldilocks, who kept trying porridge until she found one that was “Just Right”… We selected the ideal gel concentration to achieve effective whitening for patients while not causing sensitivity—perfectly in the middle between low concentration and ineffective white strips and the effective but enormously painful Zoom.

We chose the sweet spot in the middle—and by adding menthol we have eliminated the sensitivity commonly associated with whitening procedures, making Smile Perfected perfectly suited for what your patients want.

…To achieve results we employ an interesting trick of chemistry, adding precisely 10* heat to accelerate the chemical reaction.

The package is created to make it easy for the hygienist— no cross contamination… vitamin-e oil is used to keep the lips moistened for comfort. Finally, the entire experience is completed with a gentle lavender towelette, anchoring the pleasant experience.

The amazing thing is, if your hygienist asks, you will average 25% of patients adding on a Smile Perfected whitening treatment.  Pretty exciting, don’t you think?

What does this mean to you? It means you can achieve the whitening results your patient will be delighted with in just 20 minutes, so you get a screaming fast procedure that can be done by a dental assistant or hygienist achieving 2-5 shades difference…

Pretty remarkable, huh?

What makes Smile Perfected so powerful an alternative to Zoom...

…Perhaps you already have Zoom, and are thinking one whitening is as good as any other. I get it, whitening has been around for awhile now, let me explain why Smile Perfected is different.

Patients are coming into your office every day looking to get their teeth whiter—till now you likely have been offering Zoom, if at all.

With a cost to the patient of $495 — that’s a lot of money — an experience resulting in enormous pain for the patient as well as 2-3 hours of chair time tied up. Is it any wonder that nobody wants to do it again.

I can tell you from personal experience, “I would never subject myself to that again.” If you asked a patient — “It will cost you $495, will take 2-3 hours, and I’m going to hurt you!” That’s a problem, and it’s no wonder your office team isn’t enthusiastically recommending the procedure.

For whitening to work it needs to be done again and again, and for zoom patients, they are one and done, because it hurts too much.

Compare that to Smile Perfected — “You can have your whitening done in 20 minutes, right after the hygiene appointment with no sensitivity” — It’s easy to see why patients jump all over it.

Additionally, dental assistants would always complain about the prep time with Zoom, taking up to 20 minutes, with the added pressure of having to mix the whitening gel and applying it to teeth being very careful not to touch gum tissue potentially resulting in a nasty chemical burn…

…Our trays are pre-loaded—it’s already been taken care of for you. Additionally, no need to take dental impressions, the step is removed completely—instead the pre-loaded tray provided by Smile Perfected is washed and returned to the patient to take home for maintenance.

…With Smile Perfected the entire procedure ends with the spa experience, with an infused lavender towellette—to the delight of patients.

Adding in office training, full time customer phone support standing-by with a friendly smile, toll-free 800 number, online resources, world-class marketing materials and support, recare reminder app and more…

…Is it any wonder why dental professionals are ranking Smile Perfected as one of the best investments in their practice they have made in recent memory?

At This Point You Might be Asking...
Can I Just Use My Zoom Light with Smile Perfected?

The hard truth is no, too much heat can cause a 2nd degree burn, so your Zoom light is out. The Smile Perfected light creates the exact temperature increases needed to kickstart the whitening chemical reaction.

But… We are offering an amazing opportunity special for you in this case, but more on that later…

I know if I were told to buy a light just to create 10* heat that would be annoying… So, we wanted to do something very special for you, to add additional value…

…So we added technology into our light so it can be used as a perfect shading light…

Let me explain how this came about, interestingly Vita (the company that makes denture teeth and porcelain) found out through their study, that at 5500* Kelvin you create the PERFECT light that mimics outdoor light…

…And as we all know from dental school the perfect light to take a shade is with perfect outdoor light.

Using flourescent light, found in most office lighting, to take a shade creates a gray tinge and you get incorrect color—with our shading light you get the PERFECT color — if you were to buy a shading light from your distributor, you would spend a few thousand dollars and we included this technology for your benefit absolutely FREE!

Here’s another big reason why our Smile Perfected System is so much more than any other whitening products available: our extensive “lifetime partnership” follow up, support and education to help you guarantee maximum success with us.

The BEST customer support you’ve ever experienced!

This amazing support virtually guarantees your office success with our system and includes!


  • A Powerful Series of Follow Up Support Letters, including powerful information and guidance for your team describing the latest field tested methods for growing your office profits, overcoming patient resistance, and actionable techniques to use to break into the top 5% of rock star office results.


  • Unlimited telephone and email access to our Dedicated Smile Perfected staff for any questions, if you need special help, or just want to discuss how to grow your office.


  • Customized marketing materials made just for you to help use Smile Perfected for new patient acquisition campaigns and materials to help advertise the procedure to your patients. You get full access to our design library and our design team will help customize materials to your specific needs—we care about your results, and will move heaven and earth in partnership to unleash them for you.


  • Special Reports on the latest research and breakthroughs in the field which present powerful opportunities for your office.


  • Dedicated sales reps dedicated to your success—whether you need to fire up your office team about the opportunity, educate, or simply prefer the personal touch of having a friendly, knowledgable and enthusiastic Smile Perfected professional help to propel your office to success.


We offer, without a doubt, the most unparalleled support you’ve ever experienced. We offer, to build a relationship with you, your office team, and your patients. If you will only follow our system and offer our product to your patients, your practice can’t help but experience the amazing results we have seen in countless offices. I believe we have created the most outrageously beneficial whitening system on the market, and we proudly stand by it in partnership with you, step-by-step, for your success.

I'd Like To Go Over Everything You Get, In Detail:

I believe we've created the perfect whitening system for your office---uniquely suited to fit your needs
like a finely tailored glove designed to give your patients what they want.


No Sensitivity • No Prep Time • Total Satisfaction

The Smile Perfected System Includes:

  • 1 Smile Perfected Quick Acceleration LED Perfect Whitening Light
  • 24 Smile Perfected Treatment Kits - Pre-Loaded Tray - Take Home Pen - Lavender Towelette
  • 1 Pack (12) Take-Home Whitening Pens
  • 1 Smile Perfected Safety Glasses
  • 1 Pack Smile Perfected Brochures
  • Smile Perfected Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Marketing Support & Comprehensive Instructions
  • FREE Staff Whitening

Wow! Everything you need to get started --- Are You Beginning to See What A Stunning Value I'm Offering?!

Order Your Smile Perfected System™ within the next hours - And We'll Add The Following To Your Purchase - a $275.95 value - Absolutely FREE!

Combine this with our incredibly powerful and UNHEARD OF payment options, (more on that shortly) and I’m certain you are looking at the system that blows away any alternatives…

  • 3 In-Office Posters --- So Your Patients Know You Are Offering The Best Whitening System Available!
  • New Seasonal Marketing --- every 4-6 weeks, so you can update your in-office sales pieces on auto-pilot.
  • FREE Staff Whitening Kits for Your Team --- so your office team can try & experience Smile Perfected first hand!

So, if you're ready to give the Smile Perfected System a try,
here's my risk-free offer

(in fact it's BETTER than risk-free)

I know you may be skeptical.  I know I was with new products introduced to my practice. And I realize I’ve promised you an awful lot here.

All I want is a chance to prove to you that all I’ve promised in this letter is absolutely true and that the Smile Perfected Whitening System is YOUR tailor made solution to increase your bottom line significantly, while re-energizing your office team and vastly improving patient satisfaction.

I hope I’ve convinced you that Smile Perfected really is the easiest, most effective, Dentist minded way of adding whitening as a Prophy add-on for your office.

Based on nearly 30 years of personal experience, working with small dental offices, high volume practices, orthodontists, and dentists across the country as well as results Smile Perfected has achieved with large group practices…

...I KNOW Smile Perfected is perfectly suited for your office.

I’m so confident in fact, that you will be so satisfied with the results, if you only take the chance to try and follow our system — that I’m prepared to do something truly special for you.

In fact—I think you will agree with me what we are offering here is UNHEARD OF in dentistry—and is a result of how confident I am this product is the perfect invest your practice needs to act on right now.

I'm Going To ELIMINATE Your Need To Make A Capital Expense--So Your Can Office To Start Generating Now...

Special Offer:

Get the Complete Smile Perfected System delivered direct 24 patient whitening kits and your pack of take home whitening pens. All you need to start right away to bring in all the additional revenue your office deserves. BUT.. In order for you to avoid having to make a capital equipment expense. When you purchase 2 x 12 packs of our whitening kits and 1 pack of the accompanying whitening pens I’m going to give you the system light ** $1200 Value ** absolutely FREE.

Full Price $997 You Get Additional $1200 System Light Included - FREE -

Finally, since I'm determined to take all the risk out of trying Smile Perfected I'm giving you...
An Iron-Clad 100% Risk Free – Pain Free Guarantee:

So here it is…

I want you to give Smile Perfected a chance… I want you to see for yourself the difference this system will make for your office revenues. In fact, I’m so confident you will be thrilled, take a FULL 30 DAYS to decide if the Smile Perfected System really does work for you!

…And if for any reason you’re not 100% delighted (which is highly unlikely) with how effective this whitening system is and how it will powerfully increase your office revenues all while leaving your patients dizzy with satisfaction… simply explain how you used the Smile Perfected System… and why it didn’t work for you.

Then, just send back the system – and I’ll refund EVERY SINGLE DIME of the price you paid for anything you don’t use (excluding shipping).

All we ask is that you try the Smile Perfected system for at least 30 days to see first hand how powerful and effective an opportunity this is for your office to bring in additional money. If after working with us you aren’t noticing the improvements to your bottom line, simply return the system for a full refund of the full product price (excluding shipping).

In all my years as a dental professional…I’ve never found anything as effective as the Smile Perfected system… And we’re risking it all with this stunning offer that I think you would agree is unheard of in the dental industry.

I really hope you decide to give Smile Perfected™ a fair, honest try. After all, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

It’s because we are so confident that this system is EXACTLY what your office needs for success that we are making this amazing RISK-FREE money-back guarantee. 

…Look, if you aren’t happy, if you gave the product an honest try, followed our program, and haven’t noticed the improvements I promise, simply return the system for a refund of the full product price… Anytime during the 30 day trial period— just return it and we’ll cheerfully and quickly refund your payment.

So, trust yourself on this one, it’s the perfect investment for your practice, at the perfect time, which will exactly fit your needs..

Please give me the opportunity to show you how this system, created for you, can dramatically improve your practice…and will more than exceed your expectations.

  • More revenue...
  • More patient satisfaction...
  • More new patients...
  • More service...
  • More follow-up and support...
  • And definitely more results!

Just click the “Add to Cart” button, fill in your information, and place your order.

When your system arrives, you'll be able to see for yourself how perfectly it fits into your workflow---without waiting months for results...

..and see how easy it is to create the hygiene revenue increases you want.

And if you aren’t blown away by the results, you can always send it back any time up to 30 days and get a full refund, no questions asked, no hassle.

Worse Case:

You will get an eye opening update about the latest powerful trends in dentistry that can take your practice to the next level—plus you’ll experience 30 days of additional profits, new patients, and benefits of a revitalized office team resulting from its use.

Best Case:

You have finally found the tool that will help you get that elusive “something” you have been searching for—while you and your team thoroughly enjoy the process.

Even one month of modest revenue increases and tickled pink patients brought about by the Smile Perfected System—and the tremendous positive energy it brings to your office team—can enormously impact the trajectory of your practice forever.

If you were to perform just 2 whitening procedures a week at $149 to the patient, in the first month using Smile Perfected, using the generous payment terms as an example, you will generate an additional $1192 in revenue, all potentially before you make your first payment…

I KNOW you can do many more whitenings than 2 a week. In fact most of our partnered offices are reporting results far in excess, it’s simply stunning the results of passionate practices who take full advantage of what we are offering.

Are you beginning to see what a tremendous value I’ve put together for you? So please—join me in experiencing this remarkable product. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In Conclusion, let me summarize the many real benefits investing in The Smile Perfected 20-Minute Whitening System gives you:

  • Improve hygiene revenue each and every month, hassle free— a product causing no sensitivity that your patients will love that is the ideal compliment to a prophy appointment…
  • The Prophy Plus Experience— learn the secret to skyrocketing your number of whitening treatments, this one little adjustment to your routine can mean the difference between achieving average results and leaping to the top 5% of revenue generators…nt satisfaction...
  • Cutting-edge follow up and marketing support to smooth out the integration process so plugging-in Smile Perfected to your current patient flow to achieve the income generation we promise is easily, effortless, and fun!.
  • Cutting-edge follow up and marketing support to smooth out the integration process so plugging-in Smile Perfected to your current patient flow to achieve the income generation we promise is easily, effortless, and fun!. vice...
  • Increase in new patient appointments--- as patients proudly display their new smile, telling their friends and family where they achieved the powerful results in a cost effective, painless, 20 minute treatment.
  • Energize your office team—finally a product your office team will love to offer patients, infuse your team with feeling they are doing something significant, providing patients something they really want with results they can be passionate about…
  • Improve patient satisfaction— enhance the experience your patients receive, by helping them take a significant step towards their very dreams with a whiter brighter smile. Tap into emotions that a simple cleaning appointment can't unleash…
  • Dedicated sales reps standing-by for your success— ready-with-a-smile, friendly and knowledgeable so you get the personal touch, if you choose, to help ensure your success…
  • Requires no doctor time— we designed this to be the simplest in-office whitening treatment available-period. Hassle free for your dental assistant or hygienist, requiring no prep time, no custom molds, and takes just 20 minutes…

And if Smile Perfected doesn't do all of this for you, just send it back within 30 Days for a full refund!

As I see it, you have three possible choices:

 Do nothing and continue along with your practice as it is now. Nothing wrong with that, if that’s what you want…

Continue to offer traditional whitening treatments like Zoom, or White Strips. Of course that means continuing to struggle to overcome the pain caused to patients, overcoming the legitimate resistance of your office team to recommend it, and patient resistance to the cost and experience…All while watching significant hygiene revenue walk out the door day after day.

Use the Smile Perfected System to dramatically increase per visit hygiene revenues while creating an experience without sensitivity, cost effective to the patients with results they can brag about. Smile Perfected is hassle free for your office team to administer, and is a product with results and an experience they can get truly excited about. Finally, the Smile Perfected System, complete with world-class support and follow-up virtually guarantees your office will experience the success we promise.

And, since you can try Smile Perfected risk-free for an entire 30 days and still get a full refund, the only reason you might NOT want to try it is if you really aren’t interested in all the amazing results I’ve described.

So please, let Smile Perfected be the product that breathes new life, excitement and revenue into your dental practice that you have been searching for.

I look forward to proudly partnering with you in success.

Be Passionate,

William L Balanoff

William Balanoff, DDS MS
CEO, Smile Perfected, Inc.

Order Smile Perfected™ Now!

P.S.  —  Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re not 100% impressed by the results, just send it back within 30 days and we’ll cheerfully refund your money. Plus, you can keep all the free bonuses as my gift to you just for trying this powerful product in your office.

Smile Perfected™ is an amazing value!

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Pay Now: Get it now for the special price total of $997 USD

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If you prefer to order by phone, or if you have any questions,

during normal business hours simply call: