Want more posts of your dental practice on Facebook, Instagram and other social media advertising platforms?

Smile Perfected has the SOLUTION!

As a provider of Smile Perfected your patients have the opportunity to receive a FREE take-home brush on whitening pen.

Best part…

  • Real Posts from Happy Patients!
  • No Additional Marketing Costs to you!
  • Smile Perfected provides & ships the Pen!

How does it work?

Every patient you provide a Smile Perfected in-office chairside whitening to receives the card below.

Included in Every Smile Perfected In-Office Whitening Kit

Let you patients do the marketing for you. They will share the amazing brighter & whiter smile you gave them.

Here’s what you tell your patients to do:

  1. After Smile Perfected Whitening treatment take a Selfie and post-it on their preferred social network.
  2. Hash-tag/share the picture with your office’s Facebook page & Smile Perfected
  3. Email customerservice@smileperfected.com a screenshot of their smile post.

That’s it. We will send them a FREE Smile Perfected whitening pen directly.

The Results Are Impressive…

Thousands of patients have supported their dental practice online…

Why does Smile Perfected Do this?

Smile Perfected is all about dentistry. Our mission is to help dental offices and dentists succeed.

Part of that mission is to provide advertising and marketing support to every practice we partner with.

Online marketing can be expensive and tricky. Finding good dental social media content can also be a challenge.

Amazing organic / natural promotion is the best way to attract new patients and grow your patient base.

The post-for-a-pen promotion accomplishes this for you and your team.

Be the Hero of your patients and give them an avenue to support you. We provide the benefit to the patient…a free whitening pen.

You provide the amazing dental work that keeps your patient healthy and smiling.

Watch How it Works with Alden & Dr. Balanoff…

Author: William L Balanoff DDS, MS, FICD

Dr. William L. Balanoff graduated from Northwestern University and received a postdoctoral masters in cranio-facial research from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Balanoff practiced clinical dentistry for 30 years. He was on staff at two hospitals in South Florida. Dr. Balanoff has taught at numerous academic institutions worldwide. Dr. Balanoff is published and sits on two different peer reviewed journal editorial boards both in dentistry and medicine. Dr. Balanoff has testified before the US Congress and helped craft public policy initiatives in the US as well as Russia, the Ukraine, Belorussia, Japan, Spain and England. Dr. Balanoff holds a number of patents for unique medical devices. Currently Dr. Balanoff is a science consultant for Abova Health, Executive Clinical Director of Orthodontic Care of Georgia and the CEO of Oral Care Perfected. Dr. Balanoff has appeared on the CBS show “The Doctors” for his groundbreaking research with respect to an oral appliance mitigating the motor and vocal tics associated with Tourette Syndrome.