Smile Perfected & Dr. Balanoff would like to share the profile of one of our Amazing Doctors.

Dr. Amir Daoud & Feather Sound Smiles

An amazing general and cosmetic dentist. Dr. Amir Daoud, was raised in England and is based in Clearwater, FL. He received his dental training in both countries and is the owner of Feather Sound Smiles.

He completed two dental degrees. The first was at the prestigious Kings College University College of Dentistry in London. Then he earned his second degree from New York University College of Dentistry.

He is committed to ongoing education for the benefit of his patients and strives for excellence by participating in continuing education courses. One of his passions is attending other progressive seminars and advising other dental companies.

Dr. Daoud’s practice, Feather Sound Smiles, has an amazing group of diligent professionals who take pride in providing the best comprehensive medical care available.

His practice uses the latest in technological advancements in available in dentistry. This includes digital impressions, intraoral cameras, CT scans for accurate computer guided surgery and digital x-rays.

The most important part of his practice is making sure patients are treated with respect and top of the line care.

Dr. Balanoff’s Recent Visit

Forward Thinking Practices are my favorite. One of the most inspiring things to see was how much his team is involved with the happiness of their patients and the success of the practice.

Dr. Balanoff
Thanks to Dr. Daoud for inviting us to Clearwater for a great visit

Success with Smile Perfected In-Office Whitening

So how did we know to visit this particular practice? The answer is simple…their success with Smile Perfected.

On-boarding any new system within a dental practice can be difficult. To successfully integrate a hybrid whitening system is the ultimate challenge.

This is because it requires a team’s dedication to new processes that might go against current ideas dental teams have about whitening teeth.

Many offices have learned through first hand experience the pain of Zoom and referred patients out to purchase whitening somewhere else.

Other offices are not comfortable discussing reasonable, healthy and cost effective whitening with patients.

To implement Smile Perfected’s 20 Minutes System you need to dedicate you practice to:

  • Setting Patient Exceptions of Brighter & Whiter Teeth.
  • Informing Patients that Teeth Whitening is all about maintenance and Smile Perfected provides it.
  • Setting appointments properly to accommodate time for dental teams to add-on Smile Perfected while completing appointment notes.

These are three keys to making Smile Perfected work for your patients and practice. Dr. Daoud’s office exemplifies the qualities in a dental practice that Smile Perfected is looking for.

Dr. Daoud: On the Cutting Edge of Dentistry

Dr. Daoud has been providing amazing dentistry to the residents of Clearwater, FL community for years. Feather Sounds smiles provides all the services a patient would need.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental Emergency Care
  • Dental Implants
  • Invisalign
  • Dental Crown
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Chairside Whitening

The care and quality of service Dr. Amir and his team provide to the community is evident by the 5 Star online reviews their practice has received.

Dr. Amir Daoud & Feather Sounds Smile Reviews

Once again…Smile Perfected congratulates Dr. Daoud and his amazing dental team. They certainly are deserving of the Smile Perfected “Great Office Award.