Why Prophy Plus™

Smile Perfected™ Prophy-Plus System: Why It Matters

Introducing the Smile Perfected™ Prophy Experience

What if patients were given the opportunity to get the whitening they requested and want at the end of their hygiene visit?

The best time to Whiten & Brighten teeth is right after a prophy.

Imagine patient compliance and satisfaction much higher because the dental office solved all of their objections to traditional whitenings…

  • No Sensitivity or Pain
  • No Extensive Prep Time (one minute or less)
  • No Extensive Chair Time (20 Minutes)
  • No Complaints About Cost!

Why Other Whitening Systems Fail

The Sm;)e Perfected™ Prophy Plus experience is exactly what patients are asking for.  In a recent CNN report, the number one requested dental procedure by both existing and new patients is teeth whitening.  Why have many dental offices stopped doing this sought after dental procedure?

Many offices have gone away from whitening procedures because of these main reasons…

•  Patients Complain About PAIN…Electric Shocks…Zingers…OUCH!

•  Patients Complain About Prep Time (about 25+ Mins)…UGH!

•  Patient Complain About Excessive Chair Time (45+ Mins)…So Long!

•  Patients Complain About Cost (National Average is $500)…OMG!

The Smile Perfected™ Prophy Plus Difference

We realize there are countless other peroxides, UV’s, bleaches, kits, gels and other products promising all manner of results.

Jumping up and down for your attention Smile Perfected™ is the fastest growing 20 minute tooth whitening system in the market today – success hinged upon the importance of a dentist being involved in the whitening process for best results.

The dentist / patient relationship is sacred, founded on trust, and our total support for dental offices is designed to achieve complete satisfaction.

In partnership with your dental team we can help you achieve dramatically whiter and brighter teeth, in less time, with reduced sensitivity – contact us now to learn more about how to get the Sm;)e Perfected whitening system today.