American Academy of Clear Aligners is hands down THE BEST DENTAL MEETING WE EVER ATTENDED! – Dr. Balanoff”

Smile Perfected is proud to support the AACA meeting and all their amazing dentists.

AACA Las Vegas Exhibitors

We had never heard of the AACA convention/meeting before. One of Smile Perfected’s best dental providers could not stop talking about how great it was. We were hesitant to go, having attended large dental conventions before.

Dr. Amir Daoud convinced us to fly-out to Las Vegas and take part in the meeting. Once we arrived we realized this was no regular group of dentists.

Arriving at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, where the Gallerite Reunion was being held, we were immediately greeted by Dr. Daoud and introduced to some of his fellow AACA Dentists.

When the show began we were impressed by how engaging each Doctor and their dental teams were.

At other conventions Doctors and Exhibitors are overwhelmed by the massive amount of people and booths. This was not true at the Gallerite Reunion.

AACA Members Attending Class

Smile Perfected’s current providers were coming by helping spread the word to their fellow colleagues about us. The AACA has amazing synergy and cooperation among Dentists.

We had a great show as you can imagine and are proud to be partnering with AACA going forward!

The American Academy of Clear Aligners(AACA)…three months ago I never heard of the group now I am in AWE of the group.  Dr. Galler and his “Gallerites” are an amazing group of professionals.  The members and their teams truly represent the best of dentistry not only because of their clinical skills but because of the support they offer each other.  The support is unselfish.  I have never attended a meeting where the goal is to support and lift up your fellow professionals.  Although the organization’s name is about clear aligners, the AACA is the only organization of its kind (that I know of) who truly helps its members.

Dr William Balanoff – President/CEO Oral Care Perfected, Inc
Dr. Balanoff & Dr Le at AACA in Las Vegas

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