Dr. William Balanoff

Founder & CEO

  • Experience:
    30+ years in Dentistry

My Passion has always been Dentistry...

Dr. Balanoff practiced clinical dentistry for 30 years in South Florida.  He was on staff at two hospitals in South Florida and taught at numerous academic institutions worldwide.

He is most proud of his three amazing children and his work in dentistry that has helped thousands around the world.

Currently Dr. Balanoff is a science consultant for Abova Health, Executive Clinical Director of Orthodontic Care of Georgia and the Founder/CEO of Oral Care Perfected.

Dr. Balanoff has appeared on the CBS show “The Doctors” for his groundbreaking research with respect to an oral appliance mitigating the motor and vocal tics associated with Tourette Syndrome.

He is here to help anyone in dentistry.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Undergraduate School

University of Miami

Dental Degree

Northwestern University School of Dentistry


MS in Cranio-Facial Research with an emphasis on Prosthodontics from Nova Southeastern University

Educational Journey...

Dr. William L. Balanoff attended undergraduate school at the University of Miami.  He loved the warm sun of South Florida.

Then he was offered early enrollment at prestige Northwestern University.  Even though is was freezing cold in Chicago, he could not pass up this chance. He graduated from Northwestern University School of Dentistry in 1983.

Afterword graduating dental school he had to return to South Florida to start practicing dentistry. He completed his residency at Nova Southeastern University and received a postdoctoral masters in cranio-facial research from Nova Southeastern University.

Continuing to Help Dentistry...

Dr. Balanoff has continued to advance the science of dentistry through research and publication.  He has been published in peer reviewed dental journals and sits on two different peer reviewed journal editorial boards.

The Compendium & The Journal of Pediatric Dental Neurology.

Giving back to help is also part of his dream.  Testifying before the US Congress on behalf  of Veterans Affairs to help improve adjudicative oral cancer screening is one of his proudest professional moments.

He has helped craft public policy initiatives in the US as well as Russia, the Ukraine, Belorussia, Japan, Spain and England.

Contributing to the advancement within dentistry has also been a passion.  Through the invention and innovation of dental appliances he has helped patients and dental professional alike. He holds a number of patents for unique medical devices.

Smile Perfected Dental Academy

Elevate Your Practice Today...

Employ your time improving your practice through Smile Perfected Academy and you will gain easily what others have already labored hard to achieve. – Dr. Balanoff